Agenda and minutes

Knighton Community Meeting - Tuesday, 12 November 2019 6:30 pm

Venue: Neve Shalom Synagogue, 24 Avenue Road, Leicester, LE2 3EA

Contact: Angela Martin, Community Engagement Officer, (Email:  Ayleena Thomas, Democratic Support Officer (Tel: (0116) 454 6369) (Email:

No. Item



The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


Any apologies for absence will be noted.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Whittle as Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and all present introduced themselves.


Councillor Whittle declared an interest in Knighton Forum and as such could not be involved in any bids from the group.


Apologies were received from John Crooks of Knighton Green and from the Flood Manager. 


ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 856 KB

The action log of the previous meeting, held on 6 August 2019, is attached for information and discussion.


The Action Log of the previous meeting held 6 August was confirmed as a correct record.


Item 3


Councillor Whittle reported that he had been monitoring litter around the racecourse and there had not been a repeat of the high-level of litter following Ladies Day but suggested that another bin may still be necessary in the area.


Regarding Welford Court, litter had been removed by the Leicester Wombles group.  Councillor Whittle had been in touch with Highways who had cleared the overgrowth around the highways.  He had also contacted Parks and Open Spaces who would clear and prune other overgrown and littered areas over winter.  The situation would be reviewed in Spring.


Item 6


Councillor Dr Moore had observed traffic movements on Shanklin Drive and reported that the average speed of vehicles on the road had decreased since the islands had been installed.


Residents raised concern that cars were speeding up as they came away from the islands.  Councillor Whittle raised the possibility of installing a further island at the end of the road. 


Carisbrooke Road would be on the list of priorities for traffic calming due to accidents on the road.


Item 10


Whilst bins to be installed around Overdale School were outstanding, one bin had been placed near the infant school.  Councillor March encouraged those present to report litter problems in the ward.






Ward Councillors will provide an update on local ward issues.


Councillor Dr Moore reported that:


·         There had been concerns over break-ins and car-thefts in the ward.  Councillor Dr Moore asked the Police to feed back on the issue.

·         There had been disquiet amongst residents in Carisbrooke Gardens due to people parking across driveways and the anti-social behaviour of children from a local school.  Following meetings between Councillor Dr Moore, the residents, the head and the governors of the school, a degree of reconciliation had been achieved.


Councillor March reported that:


·         Trees had been pollarded on Sidney Road following complaints by residents.

·         Progress had been made on the maintenance of Bowling Greens.

·         The ‘Little Wombles’ group had been clearing litter in the area.  Councillor March expressed hope that residents were not mistaking them for litterers.

·         Councillor March had been talking to residents about benefits casework and planning.

·         Work was being done to bring young people into care homes following a pledge to bring generations together.

·         Following a review in Adult Social Care, ways in which to retain staff in care homes was being explored.  It was acknowledged that Knighton had a high proportion of care homes.


Concern was raised by a resident over the use of money ringfenced for Adult Social Care.  Councillors stated that individual cases could not be discussed at the meeting, but encouraged the resident to talk to them individually outside the meeting.  It was also suggested that the issue be raised in Scrutiny, which the public could attend.



Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in Knighton Ward.


PCSO Lynette Steadman gave an update on Police issues in the ward.  Points included:


·         The need to secure homes and cars was emphasised, and residents were advised to leave lights on and/or use timer switches when out.

·         Cars were being left unlocked in order to prevent windows being smashed.  Residents were advised not to leave valuables in cars.

·         Residents were encouraged to access crime figures via the Leicestershire Police website.

·         Residents were encouraged to join which included services on security advice.


Councillor March drew attention to the concern raised at the previous ward meeting about the level of burglaries in the ward and raised queries about concentrated targeting and seasonal crime figures.  She also asked whether victims of break-ins were visited by the police as residents were feeling unsafe.


PCSO Steadman informed that burglaries were often higher during religious festivals due to valuables in houses.  She also noted that students in the area were often targets due to them having items such as laptops.


Police did not always visit the victims of break-ins unless they were requested for assurance and/or security advice, or if forensics could be gathered.  PCSO Steadman reported that the police did not have the staff to immediately visit a break-in unless the burglar was actually there.


The vulnerability of keyless cars was raised as a concern and owners of such vehicles were encouraged to take measures to block signals.


Residents were encouraged to report suspicious behaviour.


Leaflets on security advice and crime prevention were being distributed throughout the ward.





The City Warden will give an update on issues in Knighton Ward.


The City Warden was not present at the meeting.  Action: Community Engagement Officer to follow up.



Highways officers will give an update on highways issues in the ward.


Mark Govan provided an update on highways issues in the ward.  Points included:


·         There had been an overall reduction in speed of 4-5mph on Shanklin Drive following the installation of islands.  Further suggestions on the issue were welcomed.  Action: Mark Govan to feed suggestions back to Highways Department.

·         There would be a meeting with Councillors followed by a local consultation on speed restriction measures on Carisbrooke Road with speed cushions (at an acceptable height for busses) being suggested as an option. 

·         Councillors had put together ward funding for vehicle activated signs on Knighton Road and Carisbrooke Road.  It was suggested that the sign on Carisbrooke Road would remain in place, but the sign on Knighton Road could potentially be moved around the ward.

·         Requests to make Asquith Boulevard one-way had been received.  Nothing had been decided as yet.  Action: Highways Officers to meet with Councillors to discuss options.

·         Complaints about speeding on Guildford Road had been received.  Action: Highways Officers to meet with Councillors to discuss options.

·         Bollards had been installed and Patching and Maintenance had taken place on Sutton Avenue and Great Arler Road. 

·         ‘Pencil bollards’ had been installed around schools to control school-run parking.


In response to a query from Councillor March, Mark Govan confirmed that an objection had been received in relation to the proposed 20mph scheme on Morland Avenue.  Action: Objection to be reviewed and responded to as part of the consultation process.


Concern was raised that during the Welford Road scheme, temporary bus stops had not been signed well enough.  Action: Mark Govern to feed back to Highways Department.


In response to questions received from residents on Asquith Boulevard about resurfacing, Councillor Whittle reported that he had received a written response from the Highways Department that the road would be a priority for 2020.


A resident raised concern that maintenance works on Ratcliffe Road had led to an increase of speeding.  Mark govern explained the maintenance regime and suggested that the road bay be considered for traffic calming in future.


A resident asked if traffic calming and road safety measures could be made in a way that was in keeping with the local environment.  Action: Mark Govan to feed back to Highways Department.


Residents and Councillors reported that due to drain clearage and resurfacing, there had been no flooding on Welford Road or Aberdale Road despite recent heavy rain.


A resident complained that she had been informed that the council had a ‘two-hit’ policy before replacing damaged railings.  Mark Govan responded that he was unaware of such a policy.  Action: Mark Govan to review with City Highways team.





An update and feedback will be given to the meeting.


Apologies were received from the Flood Manager.  The Flood Manager relayed a wish to be included on the agenda for the next meeting.


Concerns were raised about flood risks on Lamborne Road, Woodcroft Avenue, Skelton Drive and Carisbrooke Road.


Councillor Dr Moore explained that following meetings with the Environmental Agency and Severn Trent Water, the drains in the area had now been mapped and regularly cleared, flooding had not occurred since and work was ongoing.


Action: Community Engagement officer to feed back to Flood Manager.


A resident raised concern about overgrowth of a watercourse at the side of a residence on Shanklin Drive and asked if there were any plans to assess drainage.  Action: Community Engagement officer to feed back to Flood Manager.




A representative of the forum will deliver an update.


Vice-Chair of Knighton Neighbourhood Forum Dennis Foxon read out a written update (attached). 





Feedback on the Knighton Fun Day 2019 will be given.


The representative for Knighton Fun Day was not present at the meeting.  Action: Community Engagement Officer to follow up.



An update will be given on the Knighton Green Group.


Apologies were received from John Crooks of Knighton Green.


Councillors reported that a bench made from recycled plastic had been installed along with signage and a notice board.



Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications


An update will be given on the Ward Community budget.




This municipal year there had been 13 applications for funding, 7 of which were supported.  From an initial budget for the municipal year of £18,000: £4,645 had been spent and £13,355 was remaining in the budget for the rest of the municipal year.


The Lilia Art Foundation had not been funded as it covered three wards with a bid for £1500 from each ward and it was difficult to see which Knighton artists would be represented.  It was also noted that as a scheme to empower women led by a man, it did not seem representative of those it was claiming to be working for.


Councillors were looking to support priority funds, such as those aimed at tackling air pollution issues.


A resident complained that funding applications were inaccessible.  Action: Community Engagement Officer to discuss with resident outside the meeting.


A suggestion was made to use funding for memorial trees and benches on Dawson Way to commemorate three people killed in a shooting in the area in the 1970s.   Councillors and the Community Engagement Officer encouraged the resident to submit a bid and the Community Engagement Officer offered to help them with the form.


A representative of Neve Shalom Synagogue expressed thanks for the ward funding that had paid for a new floor.


A resident reported difficulty applying for funding online on a tablet.  Action: Community Engagement Officer to feed back.




There being no other urgent business, the meeting closed at 7:54pm