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Narborough Road/Braunstone Gate junction safety

We the undersigned petition the council to Examine the design of the junction of Braunstone Gate and Narborough Road in LE3, and to enforce the existing traffic restrictions to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in this area following the tragic deaths of two children at this junction on August 6th 2012.

Following the development of the road systems around this junction in conjunction with the recent supermarket opening, traffic speed is noticeably quicker coming towards this junction along Narborough Road west-bound. Traffic restrictions on Brausntone gate are widely ignored or not enforced compromising the safety of pedestrian and cyclists.

we request that:

The double yellow lines outside the barber's on Braunstone Gate are enforced.

The zig-zags on the pelican crossing on Braunstone Gate are enforced and their design examined for adherence to recommendations for a crossing of this type.

The speed limit around the junction where Narborough Road narrows from 3 lanes into 2 around this junction is enforced.

A traffic light camera to ensure traffic adheres to red lights when heading west on Narborough Road is installed.

The prohibited right turn from Hinckley Road into Narborough Road is enforced.

This ePetition ran from 07/08/2012 to 04/09/2012 and has now finished.

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