Agenda and minutes

Saffron Community Meeting - Thursday, 12 March 2020 6:00 pm

Venue: Pork Pie Library, Southfields Drive (Pork Pie Island), Leicester, LE2 6QS

Contact: Punum Patel, Community Engagement Officer (Tel: (0116) 454 6575), (Email:  Ed Brown, Democratic Support Officer, (Tel: (0116) 454 3833), (Email:

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Shelton as Chair welcomed those present and introductions were made.


There were no declarations.


Apologies for absence were received from the City Warden.



The Action Log of the meeting held on 10 October 2019 is attached for information and discussion.


The action log of the meeting held 10 October 2019 was confirmed as a correct record.


A resident reported that flooding on Neston Road still occurred occasionally.


It was reported that drains on Hughenden Drive and at the bottom of Boulder Lane were blocked.  Action: Councillors and Highways to find out who is responsible for drain clearage.





Councillors will provide an update on ward information.


Councillor Shelton reported that:


·         A representative from St Andrews’ play centre had enquired about funding.  It was reported that the council would assess what the money would be used for and whether it would be appropriate.

·         A call had been received from a resident concerned about the removal of trees as part of the work connecting Putney Road with Aylestone Road.  Councillor Shelton assure those present that new trees would be planted once the project was complete.

·         Leicester City Football Club would be paying for a path as part of the Putney Road Development to make access to the stadium easer for fans coming from Aylestone Road and Saffron Lane.

·         A questionnaire would be circulated about whether residents parking was wanted in Aylestone.

·         He had attended a Ghanan independence celebration which was well attended, well organised and enjoyable.


Councillor Cutkelvin reported that:


·         Hazel Street Primary School was due an Ofsted inspection shortly.

·         Phase 2 of the housing development plans for the Velodrome site would soon begin.  It was hoped that the car park would be improved to that it could be used for the nearby sports grounds.  It was also planned to improve the appearance of the frontage.

·         As Assistant City Mayor for Housing she had enjoyed meeting service managers that could help improve housing in the ward.

·         The Saffron area had been identified by the Economic Development Scrutiny Commission as an area where local solutions could increase economic activity and mitigate deprivation caused by austerity.

·         Regular inter-departmental meetings were taking place regarding Corona Virus.  Public health recommendations from the NHS and the Government were seen as the most reliable and were being followed.  The plan for housing was to keep going as normal for as long as possible.


A resident mentioned that Millgate Special School had recently attained an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted.


Councillor Cutkelvin praised the work they do.




Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in Saffron Ward.


PCSO Sam Donnington gave an update on Police Issues in the ward.  Points included:


·         Nitrous Oxide cannisters had been cleared around Neston Gardens and Shakespeare Street.  A vehicle carrying them had been seized as it was not taxed.

·         Residents were warned against scam callers.  One scam involved false claims that the caller was the Police investigating fraud and encouraging people to disclose bank details.  Residents were warned to think carefully before disclosing details.

·         PCSOs would hold consultations at the Church of the Nativity on Cavendish Road on 28March and 2 May between 11am and 1pm.

·         A new Police Operating Model had been put in place aimed at getting more officers back into local neighbourhoods.  More information could be found on

·         101 was given as the number to call for non-urgent police issues.

·         A man had been convicted after being found on a roof on Heathcote Road.  He had also been offered help.


A car that had no front number plate was reported on Neston Road.  Action: PCSO Donnington to take details and follow up.


A car with a smashed front that had been on Neston Road for 4-5 months was reported. It was unsure if it had been dumped.  Action: PCSO Donnington to investigate and liaise with housing to see if the owner was a local tenant and if they could be identified.


It was reported that bricks were missing from the walls of the Kingfisher Centre.  Action: Property Services to investigate and PCSO Donnington to monitor.


It was asked if any changes had been observed since the campaign to prevent knife crime.


PCSO Donnington responded that whilst knife-carrying was an issue amongst young people in the area, it was not a major epidemic as it was in London.  Police had distributed leaflets and done sessions in schools and the Kingfisher Centre aimed at discouraging knife crime amongst young people who could potentially go down that path.  PCSO Donnington reported that personally he had noticed a decrease in anti-social behaviour amongst young people in the area.  He further noted that whilst knife-carrying could potentially result in a custodial sentence, re-education was the preferred response.


Councillor Shelton reported that there had been anti-Semitic graffiti on the children’s play centre on Walnut Street.  Whilst this had been cleared there were concerns there could be more.  Action: PCSO Donnington to monitor the situation.







An officer from Housing will attend to provide an update including an update on the Velodrome development.


Neighbourhood Housing Team Leader Paul Lewis reported on housing issues in the ward.  Points concerning the Local Plan included:


·         It was intended to build 38 new Leicester City Council homes on the Velodrome site.  A full planning application had been submitted and it was hoped that consent would be obtained in Autumn 2020 to start work in 2021.

·         Other sites considered for development included:

o   The Mud Dumps at the back of Neston Gardens.

o   The playing field near the Kingfisher Centre.

o   The Green area on Meadow Gardens.

·         As part of the local plan, Council Officers had reviewed sites looking at environmental issues.

·         The Mud Dumps was seen as a suitable site for 41 dwellings.

·         The Kingfisher site would potentially be suitable but would mean the loss of the playing field.  In which case alternative open space provision would be explored.

·         There would be a consultation on the Local Plan aimed to commence in mid-to-late March.  Following the consultation, the Council would decide on the next phase which would be another consultation to see if the plan could pass legal and other tests to see if it could be adopted.


Other points included:


·         Approval had been given to install drying areas in Neston Gardens.

·         Bin stores were to be constructed externally on Neston Gardens and Havelock Street, aimed at reducing the risk of fire.

·         There was a plan to redevelop the path to the block of flats at the back of Saffron Lane as it had been very neglected.

·         New housing officers were being recruited and it was hoped that there would be a permanent housing officer for the area.  Paul Lewis would inform residents who this officer was once they were appointed.


Concern was raised about the feasibility of getting roads into the planned development areas, and particular concern was raised about the potential loss of the Kingfisher playing fields and centre.  Action: Councillors to arrange a meeting to look at the Local Plan and engage with the concerns of residents.


Councillor Cutkelvin encouraged those with concerns to take part in the consultation and make their concerns known in the early stage when they would be most effective.


There would be a Local Plan brief with Aylestone Park Residents group on 14 May 2020.  Councillor Cutkelvin emphasised the importance of capturing the voices of both Saffron and Aylestone Park on the issue.


A resident reported an area on the corner of Jarrom Street and Havelock Street where telephone boxes had been severely littered.  She further suggested making the area into a small garden in the style of the one on the corner of Walnut Street and Welford Road near the Tigers Stadium.  Action: Councillors to report litter to City Warden and consider options regarding the suggestion to create a garden.


A resident asked whether the plans for the Velodrome had gone to the Planning and Development Control Committee and whether it was on the website.  Action: Councillor Cutkelvin to consult with the Head of Planning.


It was asked  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.



The City Warden will give an update on issues in Saffron Ward.


A written update was circulated (attached). 


Councillor Cutkelvin requested that the City Warden attend the Aylestone Park Residents Group meetings.



A written update will be provided from Highways including information on the consultation for Aylestone Residents Parking Scheme.


The Community Engagement Officer read out a written report from Highways.  Points included:


·         Putney Road Scheme-

o   A contractor had been appointed but no start date had as yet been agreed. 

o   No road diversions were expected for some time. 

o   Site investigations were being done. 

o   There were some services to divert. 

o   Traffic Regulation Orders would be advertised soon.

·         Greater Aylestone Traffic Issues-

o   The southern part of the ward was affected by a large and complex scheme to address parking, speeding and rat-running.  Officers were currently investigating objections.

o   The Aylestone Residents Parking Scheme would affect Saffron Ward.  There would be an exhibition of proposals at the Cricket Ground and Aylestone Leisure Centre in the first weeks of May.  Exact dates and times were yet to be confirmed.

·         No right turn Welford Road to Putney Road-

o   A traffic regulation order was in progress in Castle Ward at the junction of Welford Road and Putney Road.  It was suggested that this may affect Saffron residents.

·         There were 174 carriageway repairs and 284 footway repairs this municipal year.



Information will be given on the Spark Arts Small Wonders Project.


Liza Foster, Early Years Programme Manager for The Spark Arts for Children gave a presentation on the Small Wonders Project.  Points included:


·         The project aimed to create opportunities for children aged 0-7 years and their families to work with an artist in residence at Pork Pie library on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

·         The aim of the project was to support early language development through creative play with words, music, rhythm play, a love of stories and the library experience.

·         The Artists were working with Toddler Time groups, Nurseries, Children’s Centres, Schools, Foster Carers and children with special educational needs.

·         Initially nobody was involved in the Toddler Time group, and last week 35 children and families attended.  Over the whole project around 2000 children and families were involved.

·         Statistics had shown that 65% of children aged 4 in the ward had speech, language and communications needs, with some 18 months behind the standard.  This scheme aimed to help such children.

·         The scheme had funding for a permanent installation in the library for children to explore their love of book-sharing and reading together.  Children and families were currently consulting about what this would look like.


People present showed interest in both engaging with the scheme and working on similar schemes of their own.  Action: Liza Foster to exchange contact details with those interested in order to exchange ideas.





Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications.


An update will be given on the Ward Community budget.



The Community Engagement Officer gave an update on the Ward Community Budget.


Bids approved since the last ward meeting included:


·         St Andrews Play Association for the Super Snacks project- £1040.00

·         The Spark Arts for Children for Families in the library- £2500.00

·         The Joe Orton Statue Appeal- £1000.00

·         Goldhill Play Association for Safety access improvements- £500.00

·         Ghanain Association for Ghana Royal Khente Festival- £1500.00

·         Saffron Neighbourhood management Board for Christmas event 2020- £2000.00 (To carry forward and approve in full from the 2020/21 budget.)


The balance to carry forward to the budget for the 2020/21 financial year was £1759.50





Councillor Cutkelvin again raised the issue of the Coronavirus and encouraged those present to wash their hands and check on the vulnerable.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.56pm